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Mad Pride 2007 events a success.
door David W. Oaks 17-08-2007

You can now view a dozen photographs from the MindFreedom Ghana Mad Pride events in Accra, Ghana, Africa. There are other reports from Mad Pride 2007 events in Toronto, Massachusetts and more. Celebrate the right to be different and the psychiatric survivors movement. Chair of the MFI Mad Pride Committee Krista Erickson lists known Mad Pride 2007 events, including upcoming events.

MAD PRIDE: A Celebration of Mad Culture

Mad Pride 2007 in Accra, Ghana included a large street march!

A few highlights of 2007 events include:


Bonkers Fest was celebrated earlier this month in England with Mad Pride events planned from now until early October.


The Great Escape Bed Push. For the third year, activists in England will symbolically escape psychiatric institutions, dressed in pajamas and 'hot tail' it with a psychiatric bed to a place of safety and celebration while raising awareness about the over-use of forced treatments in mental health services and the need for holistic choice based services. This year the Great Escape goes international with bed pushes scheduled in Canada and the US.


The first-ever Mad Pride parade in Belgium.


A street march and other Mad Pride events in Ghana.


Several events in Toronto and Vancouver Canada.


A vigil in Albany, New York and a rally in Buffalo, NY.


Mad Pride celebration at MindFreedom's Creative Revolution conference.


Much of the literature around mental health has focused on the ‘victim’ status of mad people. “Mad Pride” on the other hand celebrates madness largely from the perspectives of people labelled with mental illness who refuse to be classed as victims. It asserts the rights of ‘mad’ people without pleading for them, in the belief that we should not push meekly for minor concessions, but instead change the world into a fit place for us to live in.

What is Mad Pride?

Mad Pride counteracts some of the discrimination and prejudice often shown towards people who have experienced mental distress and difference by promoting the economic, political, social, and cultural integration of users/survivors of psychiatry into the larger society. Mad Pride celebrates the creativity, strength and resilience of the human spirit. Mad Pride empowers psychiatric survivors and raises public consciousness through various activities such as art, theatre, music, poetry, protests, vigils and more.


MAD PRIDE is set to become the first great civil rights movement of the 21st century. Sick of discrimination, marginalisation, medication and being treated like shit, psychiatric patients are preparing to rise from the ghettos and make the world a fit place to live in.
Featuring 24 authors boasting about wild things they've done when they've been losing it and sharing their accounts of liberation through madness, this ground-breaking collection celebrates madness in all its forms as a means to all-out social revolution.
Shocking, uncompromising, subversive and very funny, this is a book that no one in their right mind will read. It reveals that madness, normally considered an unglamorous subject, is in fact all about sex. drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Mad Pride.

Mad Pride events are opportunities to reclaim stigmatized language and to celebrate Mad Culture. They bring passion, hope and comical relief as both the content and process builds communities.
Arana offers event co-ordination and management, with a community development focus. He is also a highly talented musician who performs throughout Australasia. For more information on Mad Pride™ visit our website.

Valuing Mad-ness Language began in Australasia with the Consumer Run Conference in Adelaide where "I'm just a little Mad" song was written in 1998. Arana recorded that song and began performing it throughout Australasia in 1999. Concerts have already been successfully sponsored in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Rotorua, Lower Hutt and several events held in Wellington.

An event held late in 2004 celebrated the life of long time campaigner for human rights in New Zealand: Arnold Brooker. Key performers included Shona Laing and Mahinarangi Tocker.